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Who we are

We are Manufacturer of Air Cooler and Designer & Supplier of Cold Storage & Dairy Plants, AC & Refrigeration Plants, Humidification & Ventilation Plants, Cooling Tower & Chilling Plants, and others. We are also a Service Provider for Project Consultancy & Energy Saving Consultancy.

  • Cold Storage Plant for Potato, Dry fruits, Vegetable, Fruits, Mango Pulp, Ice-cream & Milk Products
  • Cold Chain with Controlled Atmosphere type Storage System
  • Ripening Chambers for Banana & Mango
  • Hardening Tunnels & IQF for Vegetables & Fisheries
  • Dairy Plants
  • HVAC & Refrigeration Plants
  • Air-conditioning plants for Shopping Mall, Multiplex and Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Refrigeration plant for Chemical, Dairy & Food Industries

For Dairy & Cold Storage Plant, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical, Textile and Ceramic Industries for the following items:

  • Pumps & Piping System
  • Fans, Blowers & Ducting System
  • Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Heat Recovery units
  • Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Plants
  • Humidification & Dehumidification Plants
  • Cooling Towers & Chilling Plants
  • Boilers & Furnaces
  • Air Compressors
  • Heat Pumps to save Energy, Environment & Investment


We design and supply a range of industrial equipment as per the requirements of our clients consisting of the followings:

  • Cold Storage Plant & Ripening Chambers

    For Fruits & Vegetables: Potato, Apples, Onion, Carrots, etc
    For Frozen Products: Ice-cream, Vegetables, Butter, Mango pulp, Fishes & Meat
    For Dry Fruits, Dry Chili, Seeds and Grocery
    For Dairy Products

    - Conventional (Bin storage / Bulk storage / Bag storage type with extra air circulation and CO2 level controlling with heat recovery units)
    - Controlled Atmosphere (CA)
    - Modified Atmosphere (MA)
    - Ripening Chambers for Banana & Mango
    - Hardening Tunnels & IQF
    - Automation of Cold Storage
    - Heat Load & Basic Data Sheet for Subsidy Purpose

  • Dairy Plants

    - IBT and Chilling Plants
    - Pasteurizers & Chillers PHE type

  • Liquid Overfeed System For Ammonia Refrigeration Plants
  • Heat Recovery Units (Economizers), Heat Exchangers Shell & Tube Type, Finned Coils & Heat Pipes, Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE) For Gas & Liquids / Air To Air Heat Recovery unit for Cold Storage, Hospitals & AC Plants
  • Ammonia Air Cooling Units
  • Condensers & Chillers, Evaporative Condensers
  • Cooling & Heating Coils – MS, SS, Aluminum Or Copper Plain & Finned Type
  • Dehumidifier Cum A.C. Units
  • Walk In Cooler Type Cold Storage Refrigeration Units & Insulated Panels
  • Receivers, Pressure Vessels & Reaction Vessels With limpet Coils & Agitators
  • HVAC & Refrigeration Plant Equipments
  • Cooling towers Of All Types – Tailor Made Design
  • Humidification & Ventilation Plants
  • Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Plants
  • Chilling Plants – Tailor Made Design
  • Heat Pumps, etc.